So, who are Airshroud?

So, you will see me sharing and tagging Airshroud a lot, but who are Airshroud?

Airshroud started with their neat idea of electric car covers. The car covers would be put on manually, but when you are ready to uncover your car, with the press of the button the cover would automatically retract, back in to its box.

Fast forward a couple of years, when our now good friend Darren, with his massive experience in the automotive sector, thought of the idea of combining the revealing of cars whilst using the existing Airshroud car cover system. The “REVEAL” product was invented and went into production.

Airshroud still do bespoke car covers, if your in the market for one and these have been perfected over years to get them perfect! We have all seen the cars being revealed at places like the Geneva motor show, where they have a £300k Ferrari, revealed to the waiting press, by somebody standing behind it, pulling the cloth!

Airshroud Reveal does it all for you, with one click of a button! A much more professional approach! When it’s finished, press another button and it's all neatly rolled back into its case, it is ready for use on another car.

Hexis stand with Airshroud cover

The gamechanger though, is the fact that Airshroud can print anything on to their reveal cloths, from a small logo of the car manufacturer, to a full, complete coverage print. Think of an Andy Warhol painting all over the cover! Imagine walking into a car dealership, to pick up your new car, which is there waiting under an Airshroud reveal cloth. Imagine how special it would feel to be given the remote control and reveal your own brand new car, which you have been waiting to see for weeks. This is the Airshroud way.

Airshroud have become a truly global company, supplying car manufactuers, dealers, the custom car scene and many other avenues in the Automotive market.

The beautifully crafted Airshroud box

How did we meet?

When Airshroud was releasing the first generation car cover, I saw it online and rang up Andy, who is still there to this day. He was kind enough to give me one to try and show to our motorsport friends. A few years passed and we kept in touch. When Chase started karting, we had a meeting at the Autosport show, which would be the first time we would meet Darren. He was, yeah you guessed it, revealing a huge amount of cars with the Airshroud Reveal product! We instantly hit it off and the rest is history as they say.

And the importance of Airshroud in Chase’s racing is key here. The new kart series and the whole Junior Autograss situation is being funded by Airshroud and their partners. When I first rang Darren about the idea, his response was unbelievably positive and that’s why we love them. We have a great relationship and it’s gone past just driver and sponsor now. We speak quite a lot and go through ideas and ways we can make things work and they really are a part of our team. We have a clear sight on where we are going in the motorsport world and to have Airshroud and their partners by our side, at each step on the journey, is a dream come true.

There are lots of ideas that they are currently working on, but I can’t tell you them! It’s top secret! Watch this space…

We are honoured to be supported by them and letting us do what we do.


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