GYG, we are coming for you!

GYG Kart track

Only a few weeks to go until we head for GYG! The weekend of 14-15th July will be very exciting. Also, it will be the first time Chase has driven at GYG. Known as the Spa Franchorchamps of Wales, the track looks amazing and we are really looking forward to it.

After Whilton, Chase was a bit down, due to his spin on the first lap of the last race, but as I said to him, if the move worked out, it would have been a superstar move. Most great overtakes are right on the edge of working or not, this one was didn't pay off, but he knows now, not to position his kart on the outside, especially on the first lap, as the other driver will push you wide!

Our target this year has always been to get into the top 3 rookies. The other rookies are very fast, but Chasey boy is getting quicker and quicker, the more he drives the kart, so we shall see. His best finish so far this season is 5th, so if he can pick up a 4th, that would be just as amazing. I have said to him that if he does get a 3rd in the rookies, I will run around the paddock naked. Here's hoping he forgets about that!

The kart is all prepped and ready to go, we are ready, Chase is ready, so all we need now is the hot weather to continue and I am sure it will be a great weekend.

Below is a lap of GYG. It doesn't come across on the video, how much the track changes up and down in height, it's brilliant.

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