Every racer needs a logo! A history of Chase's logos and his race numbers...

So, back on Chase's 6th birthday, before we even got him his kart, my Father, Chase's Grandfather designed him a figure to use as his logo. Going back in history, probably one of the most famous emblems was Barry Sheene's Duck logo, on his overalls and helmet and instantly recogised as belonging to Barry.

The first logo, back in 2017 was in our team colours, black, white and neon yellow. My Father drew the outline of the figure on tracing paper and I then scanned it in, converted it to a vector file (You can enlarge it to the size of a building and it wouldn't lose any clarity) and then coloured it in, adding his original number of 65. He wanted my race number, but I said no! I am 64, he would have 65 and our other racing family have 63 and 66, so it made sense.

The next change came when we joined the birelart series, the race number had to be the chassis number of the kart he was in, so he was 85, quite good actually, as it was quite similar in a design way.

Then when we moved away from the kart series, we could have any number we wanted, so Chase wanted 85, but being a fresh start, we wanted a different one, so Chase then said 65, but as we now had to think of a number that would be available in Autograss for his car, we had to check...65 was gone! So we racked our brains and Chase said, "What about my birthday"! Why didn't I think of that! Perfect. We checked with the Autograss series and it was available! Wicked. Now we wanted a logo to reflect our new team colours of neon yellow and gold, to tie in with our partnership with CX Auto Group, whose colours are black and gold!

So off we went to a logo designer and they carefully animated and modernised Dad's original logo to make it really stand out with clean edges and shadows added, giving it a 3D kind of effect.

We are really happy with the results and this logo will always be with Chase throughout his racing career. Hope you like it!


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