Want to show the world how cool your car is after all the mods and re-skin? Want to give customers the best experience when handing over their vehicle to them? Reveal your passion to the world in the most dramatic fashion – with a press of a button.

Made from an exclusively formulated synthetic fabric to mimic silk, it’s incredibly light, thin and silky-soft to the touch. It feels as if you are shrouding it in air. It also adds an air of sophistication and mystery to the object underneath and delivers a dramatic impact when it retracts back into the AirShroud trunk and disappears without a trace - like magic.

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Give your vehicle an extra layer of protection to keep it dust-free and protect it from light scratches. Our indoor covers totally hug your vehicle and accentuate all its curves with its tailored fit and modest elasticity. Uncovering and storing is made easy with the AirShroud retraction system. Also, it comes with our exclusively designed AirShroud Trunk that looks perfect behind the rear of your vehicle and gives that extra level of classiness to the overall visual effect of your car sitting inside your garage.

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